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13th Dec 2023

Jaap Stam skips the niceties in ruthless assessment of Man United star

Lee Costello

“He’s not good enough for this level.”

Former Manchester United defender Jaap Stam skips the niceties when assessing current Red Devil’s star and bluntly states that he is “not good enough for this level.”

In the modern world of punditry you usually have to sandwich criticism of a player with a line along the lines of “he has lots of potential, but…”, however that isn’t Stam’s style.

Jaap Stam skips the niceties in ruthless assessment of Man United star

The ex United man and Netherlands international, has seen enough of Brazilian attacker Antony, to give his honest opinion on the player and not beat around the bush.

“From what I’ve seen from Antony, he’s not good enough for this level that we’re looking for at United,” began the 51-year-old, speaking on the Stick to Football podcast.

”Because you’re also looking for a player who can have a difficult time and struggle when he comes in, but [we can see] where he is making progress to get to that level.

“When you’re looking at Antony now, at this moment, you don’t see where he can make the progress to make the next step in the Premier League to be up there with the top wingers who can make a difference.”

Jaap Stam explains how Antony’s potential stardom was possibly exaggerated.

Erik ten Hag signed Antony from his former club Ajax for huge sums of money, with the hope that the young winger would fulfil his potential on the bigger stage of the Premier League.

However, Stam doesn’t even give the forward much credit for his time in Holland and thinks that the quality of the league papered over the cracks for him.

“In Holland, he did okay but it wasn’t like he was the best player in Holland. He did okay for Ajax but then again, they’re playing in a league with a couple of good players, and the rest of the league – with all respect – are mediocre players.

”They’re [Ajax] always dominating so he could always do his trickery, put the crosses in and play a one-two.

”But at this level – and that’s down to recruitment together with the management – they need to make the right choices to bring the players in who can really make a difference in the Premier League. I was surprised by Antony’s fee.”

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