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03rd Dec 2018

Kind-hearted James McClean pays for six homeless people to have food and shelter

Paul Moore

James McClean

James McClean is a class act.

We’re now in the season of goodwill and kindness and as he has consistently shown throughout his career, James McClean is the perfect embodiment of that.

In years gone past, we’ve seen the Republic of Ireland international make a ‘considerable donation’ to help fund a heart transplant for a small child in Derry, help pay for the funeral of child who died tragically in a car accident and contribute towards the medical treatment of a baby born last year who has spent most of his young life in hospital due to a series of medical problems.

The Stoke City player, it has been revealed, also recently paid for six homeless people to have an extended stay in a hotel with meals provided for.

In a post on Facebook, McClean’s sister, Mary-Jane, shared the latest story of her brother’s kindness.

“My brother has a huge heart. Him and Erin (McClean’s wife) just paid for six homeless people to stay in the Maldron Hotel until Wednesday with food. We’re just away collecting them now and taking them to the hotel.”

An incredibly kind thing to do but as he has frequently shown, this act of decency is just the norm for the former Derry City man.

As for McClean’s immediate future with Ireland, here’s hoping that he has a big role to play as Mick McCarthy’s side face Switzerland, Denmark, Georgia, and Gibraltar on the road to Euro 2020.

Great stuff from McClean.