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13th Mar 2024

Jamie Carragher heavily criticised over Kate Abdo joke that ‘went too far’

Joseph Loftus

Jamie Carragher

It got way out of hand.

Jamie Carragher has been heavily criticised following a joke he made last night during the Champions League broadcast of Arsenal vs Porto on CBS Sports.

As we all know by now, Arsenal won the game on penalties and progressed into the quarter-finals for the first time in fourteen years after getting the better of Porto on penalties.

But amazingly, it was the commentary after the match that got people talking.

CBS had Carragher, clad in an Arsenal shirt, alongside Thierry Henry, Micah Richards, and Kate Abdo doing the post-match analysis.

But Carragher was quickly criticised when he turned to Abdo and said: “You are wearing [an Arsenal shirt] next, for the last part you are going to wear it.”

Abdo replied saying: “I am not, I am loyal.” Carragher then joked: “To whom?” Abdo replied: “Manchester United, thank you very much.”

And then Carragher really put his foot in it when he said: “Not to Malik” – referring to Abdo’s partner Malik Scott.

Carragher began laughing at his own joke while Henry and Micah Richards were stunned into silence before Abdo replied: “Why would you even say that?”

Naturally, fans online were quick to criticise Carragher with one person writing: “That Carragher ‘joke’ has me cringing so bad.”

Another wrote: “Henry realising Carragher’s career is over just because of bants.”

A third wrote: “Jamie Carragher just said Kate’s not loyal to her fiance on live TV.”

Another added: “Please stop talking about what Carragher did. I can’t deal with the second-hand embarrassment. It’s too much.”

One more commented: “Nah deep it Carragher literally accused her of not being loyal to her partner in the guise of a ‘joke’ on live TV that’s so crazy.”

Others called for Carragher to be sacked, with one person writing: “Carragher has to be sacked for this, doesn’t matter if it’s true or not that it’s completely unprofessional.”

Another said: “Carragher really should be sacked for this.”

A third motioned: “Carragher has to get sacked. That was so wrong man.”

While another joked: “Watching Carragher getting sacked entering the tunnel in an Arsenal jersey is wild.”

Whether Carragher will face disciplinary actions for his comments remains uncertain at this time.

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