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28th Jun 2018

The JOE World Cup Minipod #11 features England marching on to a World Cup semi-final, Messi’s worries and why sexy Gareth Southgate should be very afraid of Colombia.


England are nearly there.

After heroic defeat to Belgium, England can now start planning for the World Cup semi-final against Croatia or Spain.

Maybe Thursday was the day when England lost the run of themselves. The group stage had been characterised by England’s innocent glee as they scored goal after goal but the moment they started plotting the best way to the semi-final might be seen as the moment they lost that innocence.

England lost to Belgium and now have the supposedly easier path to the semi-final, which might come as news to Colombia and, indeed, to the England players when they try to beat them.

On episode 11 of JOE’s World Cup Minipod, Paddy McKenna and Dion Fanning are joined by Nooruddean Choudry to discuss England’s cockiness and the attractiveness of Gareth Southgate as Paddy sings the Atomic Kitten song England fans have reworked in his honour. They also look ahead to the tantalising weekend of football.

But what does this all mean?

  • Why do England think they have an easy route to anything when it comes to World Cups?
  • How much expectation will there be against Colombia?
  • How important is it that Argentina beat France?

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