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05th Jan 2024

Jonathan Walters fires a warning at Roy Keane as he claims “the truth will come out”

Lee Costello

“If you lie, it will always come up.”

Former Republic of Ireland star Jonathan Walters has fired a warning at Roy Keane who he had quite a public fallout with in recent years.

Walters played under the Irishman for both Ipswich and the national team, where Keane was the assistant coach under Martin O’Neill, and the two have been taking jabs at one another ever since.

It all started when details of the spat were revealed in a WhatsApp voice note recorded by ex-Ireland star Stephen Ward, and that resulted in Keane taking shots at the former Stoke star in interviews.

Jonathan Walters fires a warning at Roy Keane as he claims “the truth will come out”

The TV pundit said that Walters was a “bluffer” and he appeared to have an issue with his appearance on the Late Late Show, where the footballer gave an emotional interview regarding the death of his brother.

“When people make things up, just make sure there is no evidence to the contrary, which there is,’ the 40-year-old told talkSport.

“When I do tell the story and then what happened in Ireland, it will all make sense. There are a lot of things that people don’t know about my career that he brought up and he went very low on a few things.

“When someone goes low, I think I’m someone that sticks up for things that are right, which I believe to be right.

“I’m just being careful what I say here. I have a response in my head to what I want to say about that clip in my head and I will respond to it.

“Why it annoys me is that was on the back of me being upset on the Late Late Show and other family issues that I won’t go into. And he responded to that, which annoyed me a little bit.

“We were fine when I left Ipswich and then he brought it up again with Ireland. With the Irish stuff, that was ridiculous. You are an assistant manager of a national team and we were preparing for a game in France. That was wrong at the time, as well.”

Walters says that he will eventually detail his story in a book, and that they truth will reveal itself.

“If you lie, it will always come up,” Walters continued. ‘The truth will come out by me, when the time is right to do it.

“At some point, I will go through my career in a book and it will be a story that no other players has gone through, I can guarantee it.

“So if and when I do tell that story, I will tell it in detail and I will be honest.

“I think he came back with that as I’m the only player who got one over on him. Not once, but twice and he knows that. When I tell it, the truth will be there to be seen.”

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