Micah Richards rips into Roy Keane for bringing packed lunch to studio 3 months ago

Micah Richards rips into Roy Keane for bringing packed lunch to studio

Poor Roy just wanted his sandwich

The bromance between Micah Richards and Roy Keane is genuinely something quite special. Whenever the two grace our screens together, we know we’re in for a treat.


While Keane is the more reserved of the two, Richards can’t resist a little joke to wind him up – occasionally getting a smile – and was no different in the build up to the first Super Sunday.

Posting to his Instagram story, the former Manchester City star shared an insight into the pre-coverage lunch he, Keane and fellow pundits David Jones and Daniel Sturridge were tucking into.

While three of them had opted for the food on offer at Stamford Bridge, Keane had gone for the more conventional packed lunch option which sent Richards into hysterics.

“What, you brought a packed lunch?,” he said laughing. “What is this nonsense? A ham sandwich?”



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Roy Keane on Chelsea changes

Daniel Sturridge, meanwhile, was in the studio for the first time since joining the Sky Sports punditry team on a permanent basis for the new season.


The former Liverpool star impressed in a cameo appearance last season and after confirmation of his addition was announced, he said: “I’m looking forward to using my experience on the pitch and bringing this insight to the fans watching at home.”

Roy Keane, meanwhile, raised questions over Chelsea before the Sky Sports coverage of their game against Liverpool began. Asked by David Jones what side, of the two, could be more realistic title contenders, Keane sided with Liverpool as Chelsea have 'too many unknowns' with a new manager and so many ins and outs.

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