Peter O'Mahony proved he's a real leader with classy gesture to Irish teammate 3 years ago

Peter O'Mahony proved he's a real leader with classy gesture to Irish teammate

As sound as they come...

From a quick listen to Monday's episode of The Hard Yards, you'll probably be able to tell that the panel were in very giddy form following Ireland's win on Saturday.


Kevin McLaughlin, James Downey and Chris Farrell joined host Andy McGeady and SportsJOE reporter Pat McCarry to discuss the weekend's game.

Chris Farrell had his hands on the number 13 jersey for Ireland before injury cruelly struck him down in training following a man of the match performance against Wales.

Speaking on the show, Chris Farrell revealed that Peter O'Mahony had made a lovely gesture towards him the day after Ireland's famous win. You can listen from 31:00 below.

The Hard Yards

This week: GRAND SLAMS, Joe Schmidt, Garry Ringrose and Chris Farrell, the latest from Belfast trial

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In case you don't have time to listen now, here's a quick rundown of what happened.

Farrell watched that game from Limerick but he was invited up to the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin to help carry on the celebrations that had started in London on Saturday. He commented:


"I was worried about what it would be like. Thinking, 'Ach, I don't want to be walking into the Shelbourne after only having one game to play'. I was nervous about it and was feeling that this may not be my place, but it was perfect.

"All the management came up and everybody had been texting me to say, 'You had your part to play' and 'Make sure you enjoy your celebrations'.

"And even Sunday morning, when they were still in London, I got a text message from Peter O'Mahony saying, 'Well done. Congratulations'

"I don't think they have forgotten everyone involved. There's a massive squad effort involved and even the boys that never got to play - like Ian Keatley or Rory Scannell - them boys have had an enormous part to play and have driven standards in training, week in, week out.

"It does feel like a squad effort. It doesn't feel like any one person deserves it more than anyone else, to be honest."