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18th Apr 2017

PIC: This clever punter made €1,000 from a €5 bet over the Easter weekend with some shrewd bets

Alan Loughnane

Any chance of 20 quid, yeah, sound?

Are you a fan of an accumulator from time to time? We’ve this strange ability to forget all about our accumulator bets as soon as we place them, meaning we never really know for sure if they come in or not.

Hint: They never come in…

We saw recently when one lucky Wicklow punter managed to take home a six figure sum on Paddy Power’s Hotshot Jackpot Prize.

But this fella from Kiltimagh in Mayo managed to bring home four figures on his relatively small €5 accumulator in Ladbrokes over the Easter weekend.

Ian Corry wouldn’t be a big betting man by any stretch of the imagination, but like many people, he likes to indulge in an accumulator to add a bit of spice to games every now and then.

He only picked five games of soccer, two Premier League fixtures, two La Liga games and one Bundesliga game.

But he also picked a result rush, meaning that both teams would have to score in each fixture for the bet to count.

Ian’s results managed to come in and he pocketed the guts of €1,000 in winnings for his €5 bet.

Not bad going…