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01st Feb 2024

 “We didn’t speak for about 12 months” – Roy Keane on old dressing room rows at United

Lee Costello

“I was fuming with him.”

Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane has opened up on two dressing room rows that he had during his time at the club, and how he didn’t speak to a teammate for 12 months.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Stick to Football podcast, the panel were discussing Marcus Rashford’s situation, where the striker was drinking in Belfast and didn’t report for training.

This had to a conversation about fractures in the dressing rooms and the topic moved to their own experiences with former teammates, and how they would often have a fall out themselves.

Remembering on particular incident, the Irishman recalled how he and ex-United star Gary Paillister once fell out so dramatically, that they wouldn’t even speak to each other.

“Me and ‘Palli’ [Gary Pallister] didn’t speak for about 12 months [he left too early during a night out]. You just have these disagreements [as players],’ Keane explained on the Stick to Football podcast, brought to you by Sky Bet.

Perhaps what was even more surprising was Keane’s admission that he had a big fall out with Ryan Giggs, a player who he played alongside for the majority of his career and his entire time at Old Trafford.

“Palli’s a good guy – I fell out with ‘Giggsy’ [Ryan Giggs], he wouldn’t do a function one time at the club – I was fuming with him. Me and ‘Giggsy’ didn’t speak for five or six months!’

“You know [as a player] when you have to do something for your club – nobody wants to do anything at the club. I was like, ‘Giggs you have to do what [the club] wants, we’ve all done it and it’s just your turn next’. “

Gary Neville, who was also on the podcast, remembered this incident all too well, and went into detail about just how frosty things got between the pair.

“I walked in at 8am into the dressing room, I’m in there first, and then ‘Giggsy’ [Ryan Giggs] comes in and sits there – there were only three of us in the dressing room – me, Roy [Keane] and Giggsy. They started arguing!

“I remember Roy saying you’ve done stuff for your testimonial or something like that and this [arguing] went on for about five minutes.

“I thought, ‘I’m getting f*****g out of here!’ There’s nothing I can do so I walked out, I came back in ten minutes later and they were still going!”

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