Seven tips to improve your golf handicap 3 years ago

Seven tips to improve your golf handicap

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Improve your game of golf by following these simple tips to a better game


It can be tough when you feel as though you can’t improve your game.

It’s so frustrating! Whether you’re a beginner, or a seasoned golfing pro, there’s no getting away from it.

It’s time to stop repeating the same mistakes and take a step back. Try something new and take our advice. You never know, they might get you to the PGA tour.

Take some lessons


What better place to seek guidance than an experienced teacher? Most golf clubs offer lessons as part of their membership. Even your local pitch and putt club or driving range could offer the guidance you require.

Although it might be tempting to just go once, sign up for a couple of weeks. It might take a while to break bad habits, and to see a real improvement in your technique.

Buy some new equipment

Sometimes it takes spending money in order to lower your handicap. Whether that means new grips, gloves, or clubs that suit your game. Grips get worn over time, and cause you to slip up!  Try to get some advice when it comes to clubs, as some are more suited to specific golfers than others. 


Focus on nutrition

Walking from the first to the last hole of a golf course can be exhausting, especially in hot weather. If you don’t do cardio exercise regularly, you could really struggle to maintain a good game. Core exercises can be really useful to strengthen your abdomen and improve your swing too. 

Fuelling your body before playing is just as important. A big nutritious breakfast could give you the energy you need to improve your lower that handicap.



As the age old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Practice with different people, and by yourself, as often as possible. Find people more experienced than you to play with, and copy their technique.

Diversify your practice by heading to several different courses. Each one could offer something unique that might prove useful. While it's great to get in rounds of golf, the real progress can be made by one's self, on the practice green, or at the range. Work on both your long and short games, and be careful not to forget your putting.

Keep tabs of your statistics

Improvement takes time, and you need to keep yourself motivated. Keep track of your scores and watch them slowly get better. Bring a notebook along to all of your games and take notes as you play. It will be worth it in the end when you see how it has paid off.


Get your head in the game 

Golf is as much about mental strength as it is about physical. It requires way more concentration than most sports. Therefore lowering your handicap will require having your head in the right space. Before every shot, pick a target in your mind and focus on it as you swing.

Study the Rules 

There are so many absurd golf rules. For instance, did you know that there’s a specific rule in place for when your ball falls into a hole made by a burrowing animal like a rabbit, mole, groundhog, gopher or salamander. But a different rule in place if your ball falls into a hole dug by a dog? Crazy!

The better you know them all, the more confident you’ll feel out on the course.

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