Shane Lowry not pleased when told what rugby position he'd play, with Rory McIlroy in stitches 2 months ago

Shane Lowry not pleased when told what rugby position he'd play, with Rory McIlroy in stitches

"Have you seen the size of these fellas?"

Irish golf star Shane Lowry was not too pleased when told what rugby position he'd be playing if given the chance.


Speaking pitchside at the Stade de France to RugbypassTV on Saturday evening alongside Rory McIlroy, the Clara man was having none of it after being told by Jim Hamilton he was down as no. 1 in the front row.

Turning to the pitch, Lowry said: "Have you seen the size of these fellas!?" with McIlroy in bits beside him at the prospect of seeing him line out in front of the South African front row.

Immediately shirking off the idea, the Offaly man continued, "I'll run the water or bring out the kicking tee or something. I'll be like the head of entertainment in there."


As for Rory? A lot smaller in stature than his Ryder Cup teammate, Hamilton had the four-time major champion penned for 13. However, Lowry had other ideas.

"I was gonna say a little scrum half here beside me."


Shane Lowry and Rory McIlroy back Ireland to do something special

Ireland defeated South Africa in a thrilling World Cup match on Saturday night, that saw the world number one team beat the reigning world champions.

Speaking before Ireland's incredible victory at the Stade de France, Shane Lowry told the Irish Independent that he thinks this Irish team "has a chance to do something that will be remembered forever."

"Ireland might never have the chance like this to win a World Cup again. This team has that chance and it’s exciting for the whole country."



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McIlroy echoed his teammate's statements, but warned of history repeating itself:

"I think they have all the tools at their disposal, but the quarter final of the World Cup has been Ireland’s Achilles heel.

“We all expect Ireland to get there and this match tonight is going to decide whether they play New Zealand or France. They had a tough time in Tokyo four years ago when they played New Zealand in that Quarter-final, but they have come a long way since and have been able to overcome both France and New Zealand since then.


“I think they are finally able to get over that mental barrier. I don’t think there is anything standing in their way to, as Shane said, doing something they have never done before.

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