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25th Jul 2018

PIC: Tour de France cyclist shares photo of horror injury

Rudi Kinsella

tour de france

This looks horrible.

On Tuesday, we reported that the Tour de France was brought to a halt due to the fact protestors had interrupted the race.

A group of farmers had pushed barrels of hay on to the tracks, and were then dealt with by police who sprayed something into their eyes. The spray inadvertently got into the eyes of the cyclists, and resulted in the race having to be stopped.

It got back underway following the incident at the 16th stage of the race.

But that isn’t the most harrowing image of the race so far…

Belgian cyclist Philippe Gilbert posted an image online of his leg following the race, and we mean it when we say it is truly disgusting.

We are warning you now, if you’re in any way squeamish – look away now.

Last chance…

Okay, here it is.


Gilbert posted the image on his own Twitter page, along with the caption: “When you have a broken knee cap and decide to keep going for another 60km”.

What a warrior. You can see his left kneecap about ten times the size of his right one.

Before that, Gilbert posted a video online explaining why he would be unable to finish the race.

He told his following that: “As always I will come back stronger!”

Based on his determination, we believe him…