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Two Mayo fans managed to sneak their way into the All-Ireland Final without a ticket
What characters!

Well played, very well played...

We've seen numerous times in the past that Irish fans have blagged their way into a variety of sporting events such as multiple Conor McGregor fights. But from our recollection, not many people have ever snuck their way into the All-Ireland Final.

But that's exactly what these two fellas from Mayo managed to do at the weekend.

Fiachra Byrne and Michael Brady were anxious to see Mayo take on Dublin on Sunday, but like many others, they were unable to secure the all important ticket to the game.

But they weren't about to let a little thing like that stop them from possibly seeing history at the weekend, although it wasn't to be Mayo's day in the end.

"No tickets, no problem," the pair told JOE.

The duo are Leaving Cert students from Westport and didn't have tickets, but they knew they couldn't afford to go up on the day and potentially fork out a large wad of cash for a ticket in the street.

So they disguised themselves as stewards and subtly slipped their way into Croke Park.


"We got the the vests in a print shop in [Westport], and explained the story to the buck in there," Fiachra said.

Michael then whipped up the steward's passes on the computer and the pair stuck two passport photos on and away they went.

In the words of Fiachra, "These are the risks you have to take for Mayo GAA the job wasn't easy but it had to be done."

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