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20th Jun 2023

How to get your own Netflix series imagery from Black Mirror

Rory Cashin

Black Mirror

Maybe the closest most of us will ever get to being on a movie or TV poster…

The latest episodes of Black Mirror have been available on Netflix for a few days now, and everyone has an opinion on which of the new group are the best and the worst. We’ve got our own opinions on that, but pretty much everyone is in agreement that the episode titled Joan Is Awful is one of the best of the new additions.

As we put it in our breakdown, the episode “asks ‘How would you feel if Netflix made a series out of your life?’ Sure, initially, it might sound kind of cool, but really… would you want all of your friends, families, lovers, enemies, co-workers, strangers you ignore on the street… all of them knowing your inner most thoughts, your sexual fantasies, your private DMs to or about them…? No. No you wouldn’t.”

In the episode, the series appears on a streaming service called Streamberry, which is essentially Netflix in every way except for the actual name.

Today (Tuesday, 20 June), the Twitter account for Netflix UK and Ireland has officially changed its name to Streamberry, and their latest social post invites you to “join the family”. Clicking through brings you to, which will bring you to this screen:

Black Mirror

From there, you’re invited to upload an image of yourself, and Netflix Streamberry will transform it into a very official looking version of the Joan Is Awful poster… but just for you! Hooray!

Just FYI, the imagery may be used by Streamberry Netflix for a billboard campaign somewhere around the world (or online, maybe?), so don’t suddenly get a fright if this poster pops up somewhere on your feed.

The nightmare of this Black Mirror episode hasn’t been made real, you agreed to this! Also, our one turned out pretty good, we reckon…

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