Ratings for the top 10 best players in FIFA 19 have arrived 2 years ago

Ratings for the top 10 best players in FIFA 19 have arrived

What do you think?

FIFA 19 will be released in just over two weeks time, and we can not wait.


Obviously we're excited to play with the new signings, new kits, new everything really, but the most exciting about the game is the brand new modes that have never been featured before.

You can read more about these deadly new modes here.

And as if we weren't excited enough, we know the top 10 players to play with in the game.

And there are some controversial choices to say the least...

10. Toni Kroos - 90

9. David DeGea - 91

8. Luis Suarez - 91


7. Sergio Ramos - 91

6. Eden Hazard - 91

5. Kevin De Bruyne - 91

4. Luka Modric - 91

3. Neymar - 92


2. Lionel Messi - 94

1 Cristiano Ronaldo - 94


What do you think?

Ronaldo ahead of Messi is bound to ruffle a few feathers.

The two do have the same overall rating, but the game has Ronaldo above the Argentine ever so slightly.

It could be something to do with the 18 point gap in their 'physical' rating.


It's actually the first time ever that the two have shared the same overall rating.

Neymar takes the third spot, which nobody could have too many complaints about.

We're sure not everyone will agree with these calls, but we reckon you're going to be playing the game anyway...

FIFA 19 will be released in stores in Ireland on 28 September.