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08th Oct 2013

Forget the gold coloured iPhone and try the HTC made of real gold

We're not greedy, once we've got our liver and onions, solid gold phone and our rocket car we're happy


We’re not greedy, once we’ve got our liver and onions, solid gold phone and our rocket car we’re happy

Apple made a lot of people happy when they announced that they would be producing a gold coloured iPhone with their latest device, before Samsung reminded them that the Galaxy S4 was also available in gold, but HTC have decided that they want to trump the pair of them by making a limited edition of their flagship handset, the HTC One, covered in real genuine gold.

The phone would cost around £2,750 (€3,250) and there are only five in the world, one of which will end up in the hands of the winner of this years Best Newcomer award at the MOBOs.

The front and back are embellished with 18ct gold and it has been produced in association with goldgenie. It is believed the other four models will be on sale to anyone who has the spare cash to throw around on a fancy number like this, sim free of course.

If you still want to get one that isn’t quite as limited, you can head to goldgenie and pick up a 24ct gold embellished model for a mere £1895 (around €2,250), or check out the platinum and rose gold options too.

htc one

htc platinum

We’d definitely be getting a screen protector and a case for those bad boys.

Hat-tip to Mashable for the picture

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