GoMo announces it has reached 250,000 subscribers 1 year ago

GoMo announces it has reached 250,000 subscribers

A significant chunk of the market.

Mobile network brand GoMo has announced that it has reached 250,000 subscribers in the 12 months since its launch last year.


The company is part of the Eir group and surged to prominence when it offered users all calls, all texts and all data for €9.99 a month. While that offer is not available today, the company still offers users all of the above for €12.99 a month.

The network does not offer 5G coverage in its plan but states that its customers enjoy 99% 4G coverage.

“We are incredibly proud of what GoMo has achieved in its first year," Caroline Lynch, GoMo Marketing Lead, said.

"We have created a uniquely successful Irish mobile brand and we did this by listening to customers and giving them exactly what they want and need.

"Reaching 250,0000 customers in 12 months clearly demonstrates the success of GoMo; and this is just the beginning."

GoMo's model has already launched a number of competitors with 48, which operates on the Three network, offering users a highly competitive all calls, all texts and 100GB of data for €7.99 per month.

The offer is valid until 10 November and you can read more details about it here.