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17th Jun 2018

People think they’ve figured out the ranking of the viewers on your Instagram Stories

Rory Cashin

Instagram feature

An easy way to find out if your ex is still thinking about you…

A few weeks ago, Instagram gave a small insight into their mysterious algorithm, although in that case it was just to explain the layout of your main page’s feed.

According to that report, certain friends will always be close to or at the very top of your feed because of a mix of interest, the timing of their latest post, and your relationship with them on the app. If you interact a lot with their posts, then it is more likely to be near the top of your feed. Makes sense.

However, they did not reveal the algorithm behind Instagram Stories, and more specifically, the ranking system of your viewers.

If you’ve ever posted an InstaStory and then went to see who was looking at the story, you’ve probably noticed the same handful of people up near the top of the viewers ranking.

It is something that Instagram users have been trying to figure out for a while now, and some folk on an Instagram subreddit think they’ve cracked the code.

According to the folks at tech outlets The Tab and IG Reviews, the breakdown of the ranking system essentially comes down to two aspects:

ONE – If your stories regularly have less than 50 viewers, then the list is simply chronological, and whoever looked at your story first is up at the top of the viewers ranking.

TWO – Once your stories go above 50 viewers, then a new ranking system kicks in, based on likes, DMs, comments, etc. However, this system is also based on page and story views, so if there is someone (maybe an ex?) who never likes or comments on any of your posts, but always seems to be up near the top of the viewer’s rankings, then they are regularly checking in on your Instagram life.

However, this won’t help you with the folks in your life who go one step further and have found a way to look at your InstaStory without even giving you the view, which the video below shows you how to do…

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