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27th Mar 2017

This new Google Maps update could mean you’ll never get a parking ticket again

Rory Cashin

There is very little in life as annoying as returning to your car to find a parking ticket under your wiper. Or worse still, to find it has been clamped!

If there is something more irritating, then we don’t want to know about it.

Thankfully, Google Maps has just set up a new update that will potentially bring an end to all of that hassle.

Basically, drives will be able to mark their car by a blue marker using location services.

They can then set a timer, meaning their phone will go off when time is running out on the parking meter. Simples!

Currently running only as a testing Beta – with the full version set to launch before the end of the year – you can try it out now if you head to the Google Maps app on the Google Play store.

Unfortunately for iPhone users, there is no sign of it arriving on Apple products just yet.

Also, can we just pitch something to Google while we’re on the subject?

Why not create an update that will show users where is free to park and where will need to be paid for, on Google Maps? We imagine there’ll be a lot of interested drivers in that particular update.

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