Pictures: Finally, a smartwatch that we would actually wear 8 years ago

Pictures: Finally, a smartwatch that we would actually wear

While there are plenty of smartwatches on the market already, we'd definitely wear this beautiful piece

While the various bits and bobs of a smart watch that would be of actual use are pretty evident (yes we would like to look as cool as Michael Knight and yes we would like to be able to use some of our phone's functions without pulling it out of our pocket every two minutes) there are very few on the market that are not truly ugly.


However, Gábor Balogh a designer from Hungary, has come up with a classic design that will house all the latest technology, and make it look a lot more palatable than the anything we've seen to date.

He spoke exclusively to The Verge and explained that he used a design from Swedish company Triwa as his inspiration, which is a simple yet timeless model, and inserted the functionality of the smartwatch into the existing housing, which he argues would work without sacrificing anything that would make the watch truly 'smart'.

smartwatch calls
Pic via The Verge

The Bezel around the face of the watch would work to allow you to scroll through a message or move through the app, the buttons on the side perform the various functions associated with them on a standard watch. The screen displays the pairing with the smartphone and its apps, from navigation to music and phone calls.


smartwatch 2
Pic via Gábor Balogh's Behance page

The design doesn't have a touchscreen, as many others do, so that makes this one pretty unique, as well as being more familiar to those who want to dip their toe into the market; the watch will work just like any other normal watch. As Balogh told The Verge, he's busy working full-time and unlikely to put much more into this project, but it's definitely something that other companies making the devices should sit up and take notice of. Our stylish side is very much wishing this really existed.

Hat-tip to The Verge, Triwa Watches and Gábor Balogh. You can find more from Balogh on his Behance page