WATCH: ‘Pintman’ is in a video game and it’s as glorious as you’d expect 4 years ago

WATCH: ‘Pintman’ is in a video game and it’s as glorious as you’d expect

Surprisingly, it’s got nothing to do with him drinking lots and lots of pints.

We’d be very surprised if, at some stage over the last couple of years, you haven’t seen or heard of some reference to ‘Pintman’.


A picture of ‘pintman’, Paddy Losty from Dublin, was found by in a book titled ‘Dublin pub life and lore’ by Kevin C Kearns in 2015 and he has been the subject of numerous Irish Internet memes in the time since.

Paddy, incidentally, at least as far as we’re aware, is no relation of ‘Pint Baby’, now a man known as Stephen Barron who went viral earlier this year.

You don’t have to look too far to find ‘Pintman’ on the Internet this weather, but it still came as something of a surprise to find him, thanks to Reddit Ireland, in a video game called ‘Street Pinter 2’ on YouTube.

The work of YouTuber kevinjohnson365, a clip from Street Pinter 2 shows ‘Pintman’ taking on Heine-Ken, a parody of a well-known character from the Street Fighter series.

Rather than a Hadouken attack, Paddy Losty instead fires packets of crisps and peanuts in the direction of his opponents, weapons that can be deadly if they end up in the wrong hands.

Clip via kevinjohnson365


Unfortunately, the 75-second clip above is the only evidence of Street Pinter 2 and we’re unaware of any actual video game that exists, but if the big game developers out there fancy adopting it for the Xbox or PlayStation anytime soon, we reckon they’d find a significant audience wanting to get their hands on it.

Main image via Facebook/Pintmen Posting