Stocking fillers that are perfect for gamers and gaming families 3 years ago

Stocking fillers that are perfect for gamers and gaming families

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Are you struggling to work out what game to pick up for your son, daughter, brother, sister, parent or significant other? Well, struggle no more.

We’ve taken a look at a few gaming titles and classic games that are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the gamer in your life. There’s plenty here to cover a variety of tastes or to point you in the right direction at least!

1. For the football fan

You can’t go wrong with an icon and FIFA remains the daddy of all football games. If the FIFA fan in your life hasn’t already got the latest edition, you can pick up FIFA 18 for €69.99. If they already have the game, why not get them FIFA Points so they can buy packs and draft tokens?

2. For the older gamer


Call of Duty WWII takes place in the European theatre of World War II and it’s a beast of a game. The gameplay and graphics are stunning and it offers three different game modes - Campaign, Multiplayer, and Co-Operative. It’s available for €74.99 and it’s perfect for shoot ‘em up fans, history buffs or Dads who still enjoy their gaming.

3. For traditional gamers

Do you prefer old school gaming with tangible things that you can touch and hold? Well, the Rick & Morty edition of Monopoly combines the iconic board game with everyone’s favourite cartoon. Pick it up for only €44.99. It’s the perfect plan.

4. For the speed freak


Is there someone in your house who loves nothing more than testing their reflexes on the track? Grand Turismo Sport is the game for them. Choose from 137 of the best cars in the world and enjoy the most realistic gameplay ever from this famous series. It’s €69.99 and the PS4 version is VR compatible to give you the ultimate in immersive racing.

5. For Star Wars fans

Stocking fillers that are perfect for gamers


Apparently, some people like this obscure sci-fi franchise. If you buy Star Wars Battlefront II for the fan in your life, they’ll love you. It’s as simple as that and that love can be bought for €69.99.

6. For the Pokemon fan

Do you have a young Pokemon fan in your family? Or an old one for that matter!? Then the Pokémon TCG: Alolan Raichu Box is a great gift pack for just €24.99. Master the Alolan Raichu’s unique attacks and get three Pokemon booster packs. It also features a special foil promo card and oversized card for the surfing Pokemon.


7. For Nintendo Switch owners

Stocking fillers that are perfect for gamers

Mario is a timeless character that everyone loves so Super Mario Odyssey is an obvious choice if the person you’re buying for has a Nintendo Switch. It’s the first 3D Mario adventure since the GameCube’s Super Mario Sunshine and it’s yours for €59.99. It’s got everything you’d expect from a Mario adventure and some nifty new moves as well.

8. For fans of brain teasers/party games

The best games are often the simplest. Dobble features cards with eight symbols and any two cards have exactly one symbol in common. The key is to spot it to claim the card. It’s an addictive game that's perfect for family playtime or if you’re having a few drinks in with friends. At only €14.99, it’s a great stocking filler.

9. For fans of old school games

Stocking fillers that are perfect for gamers

If you know someone who harks back to the days of 2D platformers, they’ll love Cuphead. It features beautiful graphics that look like an old Disney cartoon and devilishly tricky gameplay that will keep them engaged. Not to mention a wallet-friendly price of €19.99.

10. For the kids

Roblox is taking over where Minecraft left off and it’s one of this year’s breakout hits. Younger gamers will love these Roblox character multipacks, which cost just €27.99.

11. For the tea drinker/Potterhead

Stocking fillers that are perfect for gamers

Even gamers need to drink tea! Kill two birds with one stone by picking up this classy Dobby mug for a Harry Potter fan in your life when you’re scooping up some games. You can get brownie points if they’re a Potter head and a gamer. Dobby is a free mug! Disclaimer: the Dobby mug is actually €12.99, but that’s a steal by any measure.

If you're looking to pick up a present for the gamer in your life, check out the Game Stop website or call into one of their many stores. They have a huge selection of games, accessories and collectables. 

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