Video: Facebook wants you to kiss goodbye to your iPhone app as they launch Paper 8 years ago

Video: Facebook wants you to kiss goodbye to your iPhone app as they launch Paper

Here's the latest feature that the folks at Facebook reckon you're going to love


Today, Facebook has announced their latest brainchild (complete with artsy/hipster/Apple-esque soft sell video where it's not about the app man, it's about you and your life), Paper, which promises to bring the stories that are important to you to your mobile device with full screen pictures and status updates.

Blending elements from the successful Flipboard app as well as bringing your timeline to life in a more vibrant way, Paper promises to more or less make your current Facebook app obsolete, as the company tries to find new ways for you to use the social media platform. For now, the version that they will be offering is ad free (we don't imagine that will last too long) and it looks to be a smooth and clean interface for you to interact with.

This announcement comes off the back of some record-breaking financial figures yesterday where they discovered that 53% of their advertising income comes from mobile ads, which generated $1.25 billion for them in just the last quarter of 2013. That's a serious chunk of change. They also have continued to add users, in particular in the Asian market, where 11 million people joined the social networking site in Q4 of 2013. They now can also boast that over half a billion people use their mobile platform to engage with the site every day, which is a serious market for advertisers, and yet another reason why Paper will not stay ad-free for too long, we reckon.

The release date at the end of the video is for the United States, and we may have to wait a little bit before Paper arrives on our shores, but it certainly looks that the company is investing in the mobile market and wants to make that a much bigger part of what they do.


Hat-tip to Mashable and The Verge for the figures