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06th Mar 2014

Wish your iPhone alarm released the delicious smell of bacon in the morning? There’s an app for that

This sounds like an altogether more pleasant way to wake up in the morning


This sounds like an altogether more pleasant way to wake up in the morning

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as waking up on a Sunday morning with the smell of frying bacon downstairs wafting around the house to make you hop out of the bed with the type of enthusiasm that it seems you could never generate on a dreary weekday at 7.30.

Well, that may no longer be the case, as Oscar Mayer, best known for their weiners, have decided to release an app and dongle for the iPhone that will release the smell of bacon when your alarm goes off. If you can’t put your finger on why you know the name Oscar Mayer, perhaps this will jog your memory:

Anyway, the app and the dongle will work together to release the sounds of bacon sizzling and a few puffs of bacon scent in to the air to waken you from your slumber in an all together more pleasant way than zany breakfast radio or incredibly loud alarm noises, as is the usual.

Unfortunately, what they’re calling the Wake Up and Smell the Bacon device will be difficult to come across, as the true bacon lovers will have to enter a competition to win the device that releases the scent, but users can get the app on the iTunes store already, if you’re really into bacon. You could also just get yourself a Scentee device that turns your mobile into a smellophone. Smell ya later, as they say.

Hat-tip to Mashable for this one

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