Confederations Cup Confidential: Balotelli is gone, but the Spaniards are having strip poker parties anyway 9 years ago

Confederations Cup Confidential: Balotelli is gone, but the Spaniards are having strip poker parties anyway

Mario Balotelli bows out, the Spanish camp is denying having some rowdy parties, and Sergio Ramos shows off some

Everyone's favourite loveable rogue Mario Balotelli is out of the Confederations Cup with a persistent injury, and has stated that he feels “like a loser” at having to call it quits on this competition.


He had been pretty vocal on Twitter before the Confederations Cup began about getting the chance to face off against Spain and avenge their humiliation in the Euro 2012 final, but that won't be possible, for him at least.

For no reason, here's a great photo of him in Brazil, dominating.




The Spaniards have had a bit of an issue with their hotel rooms after they were apparently robbed last week. Now it turns out that they were robbed after a game of drunken strip poker, which the squad are denying. Brazilian website are reporting that the squad had a bit of a shindig in which there was beer, caipirinhas and women, and the money went missing afterwards.

Obviously, the Spanish camp aren't happy, with Sergio Ramos and Jordi Alba saying they hope FIFA take action against the papers who have reported this.

Speaking of the Spanish defender, it turns out that Ramos is a bit of a show off, as he gave us a display of his skills after their latest training session in Fortaleza.


Unfortunately, it looks like no one on his own team is paying any attention to him, so they've probably seen all this fancy Dan stuff before. Also Iniesta plays for them and he's probably a bit better than Ramos with the ball at his feet.

Finally, it also seems that all the protests in Brazil haven't been missed by the squad, with Neymar lending them his support, saying that he wanted a "safer, healthier and more honest" Brazil and saying that he would go on to the pitch inspired by this movement. He wasn't the only one though, as Hulk also spoke very eloquently about the matter, Dani Alves lent his support, and David Luiz and Fred were also quick to say they believe the protesters are aiming for the betterment of Brazil, before adding that they were unhappy with the violent scenes witnessed.