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06th Aug 2013

Girl says “no” to fiancée’s marriage proposal in front of packed baseball stadium

Forget A-Rod’s ban for 211 games, THIS is the big baseball story of the week.

Eoghan Doherty

It may be the most heart-breaking moment of one man’s life, or it just might be a huge publicity stunt, but either way it still makes for some pretty compelling viewing.

After David specially arranged to propose to his fiancée Jessica at a recent New Britain Rock Cats game, he most likely thought he was the most romantic man in the world. And by proposing at a baseball game, he had probably convinced himself that the two would make an excellent swinging couple.

Unfortunately for him though, the one person who counted didn’t really agree with him.

Jessica, the supposed love of his life, rejected his proposal in front of the fans, the stadium MC and some muppet called Rocky the Rock Cat who was dressed up in a giant fancy dress suit.

She was probably hoping that he had a better pitch to be fair.

We’re not entirely sure which is the most awkward moment – maybe it’s the sight of David frantically chasing Jessica at the end of the clip or it’s possibly just the fact that the guy with the mike cannot stop laughing at the poor unfortunate man.

Whatever you do, just make sure you watch it through closed fingers.