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10th Jun 2023

Cillian Murphy shares an uncanny resemblance with a current baseball star

Patrick McCarry

Cillian Murphy

Folks were thinking Christopher Nolan is throwing out some sort of mind-bending promo for Oppenheimer.

Cillian Murphy’s star turn in Oppenheimer is out soon and many involved in the movie are hoping the Cork native will fetch at least an Oscar nomination for his titular role.

The Peaky Blinders and Wind That Shakes The Barley actor will be out on the talk show and promotional circuit soon enough and will, no doubt, get asked about his likeness for Tyler Glasnow.

Murphy is 47 and the Tampa Bay Rays baseball star is 29, yet one particular picture shown on Twitter, on Friday, has taken off like viral wildfire over the past 24 hours. We will show you another snap of the pitcher, below, but first here is the picture that has gobsmacked many Twitter users.

Cillian Murphy doppelganger

To us, Tyler Glasnow, who is only three games into his latest MLB season after some recent injury issues, uncannily looks like Cillian Murphy. But all is not as it first seemed.

Initially, we were not the only ones thinking as such:

As it turned out, that particular snap WAS a piece of AL-generated chicanery:

Here is another snap of Glasnow, opposite Cillian Murphy. Not quite a dead ringer but not far off:

Cillian MurphyCillian Murphy (left) and Tyler Glasnow (right). Credit: Getty Images

If Tyler Glasnow ever does some baseball deeds to merit a biopic, we know the lad to play him.

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