Lionel Messi blasts the Barcelona board in contract row 9 years ago

Lionel Messi blasts the Barcelona board in contract row

Messi is back recuperating in Argentina, but found time in his schedule to have a go at the Barcelona board

Lionel Messi and the issue of money are back in the headlines today, having been quite a topic earlier this week and in the last few months regarding an outstanding tax bill and the allegations that his father had been involved in money laundering through the 'Friends of Messi' charity matches this year.


The latter allegations turned out to be unfounded, but it is certainly becoming an increasing trend that there are more negative stories emerging about the Argentine star. One of those seemed to have been started by Javier Faus, a member of the Barcelona board who's the economic vice-president, and had stated on radio days earlier that Messi had been seeking another renewal and pay rise, just six months after his last one.

The diminutive striker responded to RAC1 radio in Catalunya, where he stated that:

Mr. Faus is a person who knows nothing about football. He tries to manage Barcelona as if it were a business, but it is not. Barcelona is one of the biggest teams in the world, and it should be represented by the best directors [on the board] too. I also remind him that neither I nor any of my representatives have requested any increase or renewal, and he knows that full well.

For the normally reserved and quiet Messi, this represents a major outburst, and one of the first big issues he has had with the board of Barcelona. No offence to Mr. Faus, but we suspect that the club might consider Lionel that bit more crucial to their efforts than him. Just a suspicion.