Nicklas Bendtner put up for sale…on eBay 8 years ago

Nicklas Bendtner put up for sale…on eBay

Arsenal appear to be struggling to offload their striker Nicklas Bendtner, but the Dane is now available on eBay for any prospective buyers.

Of course we appreciate this is just a piss-take, as are most things related to the Danish international – just think of the Bendtner drink-driving toy set – but the going rate appears to be just £2.5 million for “one of the greatest striker to ever grace the beautiful game”.


Eintracht Frankfurt were believed to be close to signing the frontman, and five other clubs were rumoured to be interested, but his refusal to accept a wage cut appears to be an issue.

We are surprised more clubs aren’t willing to stump up for his services. After all, as the ad says, he does guarantee at least five goals a season.


And it also states any realistic offers will be accepted, so he could well be a bargain buy for someone.