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07th Aug 2014

Pic: Gareth Bale was looking incredibly ripped at Real Madrid training today

Gareth Bale? More like Christian Bale, wha?

Conor Heneghan

Gareth Bale, more like Christian Bale, wha?

And when we say Christian Bale, we’re talking Batman-era Christian Bale and not the scrawny and sickly Christian Bale from The Fighter or the barely there Christian Bale from The Machinist.

Yes, Christian’s namesake has been attracting quite a lot of attention for the shape he’s worked himself into during pre-season and there was a further illustration of it in a picture posted on the official Real Madrid account of preparations for the Super Cup clash with Sevilla on Tuesday.

Just look at the definition on those arms!



Pic via Twitter/Real Madrid

We don’t know what Gareth got up to on his holidays this summer, but he certainly wasn’t indulging in pints and pizzas by the looks of this.