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20th Aug 2014

Pic: Take a first look at the new Adidas Predator Revenge football boots

A classic boot has been updated...

Paul Moore

A classic boot has been updated…

After reading that the classic Predator boot was first released in ’94, it got JOE thinking about what we were doing back then.

Our answer even surprised us. We were watching Ray Houghton score against Italy in Giants Stadium, laughing at Dumb and Dumber and listening to Definitely Maybe by Oasis. What an awesome year that was.

In our spare time we also played football in our Adidas Predator boots which were released 20 years ago.

The company have been busy this summer; we were already treated to a number of new releases based on the Predator Instinct design while being mercilessly teased with 14 such models. The original Predator, released two decades ago, was an absolute classic design that used Kangaroo leather under the vulcanized rubber strips. Yes, JOE is a football boot geek.

The remake keeps the rubber indents at the top of the boot but has updated the design. What do you think?



Images via SB Nation.