Pic: You really must see the Pornhub-sponsored jerseys of this Kildare basketball team 6 years ago

Pic: You really must see the Pornhub-sponsored jerseys of this Kildare basketball team

If these lads have any problems getting ‘up’ for the match, a simple look at the sponsors logo on their jerseys should sort them out quick smart.

In these harsh economic times, sports teams seeking a sponsor have to search far and wide for a company/business willing to stump up a few quid, but the members of this Kildare basketball team – who don’t mind being named as Brian Lynch, Paul Clarke, Rory Sheridan and Ger Sheehan – took a novel approach when looking for a sponsor for a three on three basketball tournament they’re entering this summer.

Their search, in fact, went about as far as the (no doubt deleted) history section on their Internet browser as they decided to contact Pornhub, a website we are told includes content of a graphic and *whisper it* sexual nature; it goes without saying that nobody in the JOE office had ever heard of it, much less ever been on it, before.

To their huge surprise, a request made by Paul to Pornhub – made while he was not entirely sober it should be said – met with a positive response as Pornhub replied saying they would be delighted to supply the lads’ kit for the tournament and after the lads sent on a design, they received the following jerseys in the post in the last couple of days.


While the lads will no doubt have a hard time (not that sort of a hard time… steady on) explaining to their mothers and better halves how the sponsorship came about, the kudos they will undoubtedly receive from their male friends will almost certainly make up for it.

Whether they win the matches is almost irrelevant at this stage, but like we said, if they’ve any problem getting 'up' for games, they know where to look.

Thanks to Brian Lynch for sending in. Brian is now in with a shot of winning €250 by the end of the month.