Sound man Kaka tells AC Milan not to pay him until he’s ready to play again 6 years ago

Sound man Kaka tells AC Milan not to pay him until he’s ready to play again

Footballers get a bad rap at times but every now and again, some of them prove that they’re not all a bad bunch. Kaka, it seems, is one of the good guys.

The Brazilian midfielder, who is already adored by the AC Milan faithful, further endeared himself to the club’s fans by waiving the right to his salary until he is fit to return to action, having picked up an adductor injury against Torino at the weekend, his second game since re-signing for the Rossoneri earlier this month.

Feeling just a little guilty about not being able to make a contribution while he’s on the sidelines, Kaka has decided that he doesn’t want to receive any salary payments until he’s ready to play again.

"I have spoken at length with the club and in the end I decided that I don't want anything from Milan except love and support until I'm fully fit and ready to play," Kaka said.

"So I have decided to not to be paid for this period of time. The only thing that I ask is the support and help to recover in the best way.

"I have started my rehabilitation and the support from you [the fans] and everything I have heard in the last couple of days really drives me on and makes me determined to come back as soon as possible.”

No doubt there will be some who say that as one of the best and highest-paid footballers in the world that Kaka has more than enough in the bank to be able to put food on the table while he’s off sick for a few weeks but it’s a nice gesture all the same.

If you speak or understand Italian, you can watch Kaka deliver the message to AC Milan fans personally below, just one more reason why, alongside Andrea Pirlo and Xabi Alonso, he is one of an elite group of footballers on whom JOE has an unashamed man-crush.