Study: Why some ugly men get the good-looking girls 11 years ago

Study: Why some ugly men get the good-looking girls

According to new research, they manner in which some ugly men snare gorgeous girlfriends is all thanks to an evolutionary trait.

Some guys have it all, but others barely have a face recognisable as human. So how can some ugly guys get absolutely stunning girlfriends? Is it large wallets or a larger… you know? Well apparently, it’s all down to guys misguided optimism about their own personal appearance.


The study was published in the Psychological Science Journal and found that men may have developed an evolutionary trait which tricks them into thinking they’re better looking then they actually. This overconfidence makes unknowingly ugly men try it on with more women, giving them better odds at scoring a hot mate.

According to the researchers, this finding could help explain why so many men think women are attracted to them when in fact they’re not.

The study saw 96 male and 103 female undergraduates who were asked to rate themselves out of 10 and then to rate a random selection of 5 members of the opposite sex, also out of ten.

Basically, the girls scored the lads who rated themselves as ‘ultimate sex Gods sent here to rid womankind of all her woes’, pretty poorly. Whereas the lads who scored their looks fairly and gave a more honest answer, were scored highly by the ladies.


The researchers wrote: "Essentially, men who rated themselves high on attractiveness were more likely to over perceive women’s interest. The more attractive they actually were to women, however, the more likely they were to under perceive."

So if you’re ‘ugly’ remember that cockiness will get you somewhere. Granted you’ll have to wear the ears off her first.