The best piss take of the #DaretoZlatan tweets so far 5 years ago

The best piss take of the #DaretoZlatan tweets so far

Even Zlatan would have to raise a smile to this great bit of work by Nooruddean Choudry, better known as @BeardedGenius.

If you have been online at all today, you will have seen that Zlatan Ibrahimovic, or a very savvy Nike PR person, has been very active on Twitter.

We featured some of the Swede's best work earlier today but the tweets have kept coming, including this insight into Zlatan's thought process.

The graphic is ripe for piss-taking and the best effort we have seen so far is from one of our favourite Twitter accounts @BeardedGenius.

A football writer and all-round funny b*stard on Twitter, Nooruddean regularly photoshops clever stuff for his own Twitter followers, as well as for a host of media organisations.

And this afternoon he tweeted this gem on the Zlatan graphic, which is pretty much spot on.

Genius, appropriately enough.