The new vehicle registration system, it’s as easy as 123… or more to the point, 132 10 years ago

The new vehicle registration system, it’s as easy as 123… or more to the point, 132

Recently, JOE sat down with Jeanne McGann, Head of Marketing and Communications at Nissan Ireland, to discuss the new vehicle registration system, what it means for Irish motorists and why now is a great time to buy a brand new car.

So, first and foremost, what exactly does the new registration system mean for Irish motorists?


According to Jeanne, “132 registration means that an Irish Motorist can now register a brand new car in the summer period and get a different registration plate than in the first half of any given year”.

Sounds pretty simple right? But does it mean anything else for the average motorist? Apparently, it does.

“As the age of a car is one of the factors taken into account when determining the residual value of a car a dual registration system should work for the consumer by applying a fairer ageing valuation for a second-hand car when someone goes on to sell on or trade in their vehicle in the future."



One question on a lot of people’s lips is plain and simply, why? What was the need for splitting up the registration plate system?

“The main reason for the introduction of the dual registration year is to assist in counteracting the seasonality of new car sales,” Jeanne told us. “Currently, 86% of new car sales occur before the end of June.

“New car sales have a direct impact on employment; the more cars are sold, the more staff are required to prepare them, sell them, service them etc. Car sales have become even more seasonal in recent years and with that, jobs have too. Many dealers take on extra staff for the busy first quarter of the year but are then forced to let the same staff go in the second half of the year because there is so little activity.

“Also, with such a front-loading of sales, there is huge financial pressure put on car dealers in the first quarter of the year and cash flow is serious problem. 89% of car dealers make a loss in the last quarter of the year. In addition, with most cars registered in January, there is a backlog at NCT centres at the start of the year.”



One of the burning questions that a lot of people who are thinking of buying a new car is, “Will the value of a 131 be the same as a 132 at the end of the year?” 

“This is hard to judge – as residual values of cars are dependent on a number of factors - mileage, condition of a car and demand for the car as well as year.  So an older car with lesser mileage and in very good condition could be worth more than a newer car, in questionable repair and will a lot of mileage.

“All things being equal – other than age of a car -  it is reasonable to expect that a 132 registration car should command a better residual value than a 131 registration – simply by virtue of the fact that it is a newer car.


Seeing as now is a prime time to buy a new car, are Nissan offering any special deals or offers for the 132-season?

“Nissan dealers nationwide are currently running an extravaganza of summer events and offers.  Nationally, customers can expect to get a Micra for €149 per month, a Note for €189 per month, a Juke for €199 per month and a Qashqai for €249 per month with our new finance offer – Nissan Go – the surprisingly affordable way to buy a new Nissan.

“In addition to our national offer – individual Nissan dealers have dealer specific special offers and deals available locally for customer also.


Okay, so why exactly is it a good time for Irish motorists to trade up?


“A brand new 132 Nissan is not only great value, it also comes with great benefits. Efficient new engines significantly lower running costs and mean less maintenance, while the latest technology and safety features give you a more comfortable, secure driving experience. And as Nissan cars hold their value, you get all the benefits of driving a new car with the added security of a great trade-in value in the future.

“In addition, as there is currently a shortage of used cars in the market good quality used cars are now in demand. With this in mind, there are very good trade in value deals in the market at the moment. This combined with fantastic finance options like Nissan Go, the new surprisingly affordable way to buy a new Nissan, all mean that customers can expect extremely good value when buying a new Nissan right now.


So where are the best places to find out more about 132 registrations?

To find out more about the 132 registration and for more on Nissan’s extravaganza of summer events and offers check out and