5 reasons why your business should 'pop-up' at one of Dublin's busiest stations 7 years ago

5 reasons why your business should 'pop-up' at one of Dublin's busiest stations

Are you starting off in business and looking to get your name out there?

Popertee is a company that pairs brands with spaces in a cost effective and timely fashion that allows them to quickly start finding a market for their business.


Just think Airbnb for pop-up businesses, and Popertee have just released details of four different spaces available at one of Dublin's busiest train stations.

There are currently four spots at Pearse Street station, and they're available to book straight away.

Five reasons why you should pop-up at Pearse Street station:



Pearse Street is one of Dublin's busiest commuter spots. More than 25,000 people pass through the station on a daily basis, and it's often the first stop for people looking to spend their hard-earned cash.


It caters for all kinds of businesses

Popertee works with all sorts of businesses, from florists, food, technology, fashion or even brands looking to promote an upcoming festival or event - given Pearse Street station's perfect location and its accessibility from all over Dublin, no matter what business you're in, a space close to Westland Row, Trinity College, Grafton Street and Dublin's technological hub brings an opportunity not to be missed.


If you don't like hassle, you're covered

You want to get straight down to getting things done, and so do Popertee.

They'll look after insurance, marketing, fitting out your space and even staffing so you can concentrate on the important matter of making your project the absolute best that it can be.



They work very, very quickly to get you up and running

Need to get your business up and running at Pearse Street station inside a couple of days? Not a problem.

You'll be selling as quick as a flash. Or The Flash.


Most importantly, it's incredibly cost effective


Prices to book one of those four spaces at Pearse Street station start at just €140 per day, so it's great for brands who want to book a short-term retail environment before committing to a long-term location.

Popertee is the only online platform that allows a brand to book directly with the property owner or manager.

For more information and a full range of locations, visit Popertee.