Top five online buys: DVD box sets 8 years ago

Top five online buys: DVD box sets

Ah the box-set. It’s now hard to imagine a time without a collection of some of our favourite television programmes.

Nothing beats re-watching some of your favourite episodes of your favourite shows and telling anyone who will listen some of the quotes and scenes. JOE looks at five of the best box-sets around, and if these aren’t already in your collection, now is as good as any time to get them sent to your gaff, which is where Parcel Motel can help.



The Sopranos

The Godfather, if you will, of the box-set and the show often credited as the first to really launch the concept. There are 86 episodes featuring Tony and his Mafia cronies. The show first aired in 1999 and is considered the most financially successful show of all-time. A must have. €58

Breaking Bad


No box-set is complete without Breaking Bad. You are either a massive fan, or have heard so much about it it’s as if you have seen all the episodes. Either way, a gem in any collection. Series five is still being recorded, but you can get the first four and get endless amount of kicks. €42

Fr. Ted

The show that can never get old. As they would say themselves, “a great bunch of lads” and worth every penny. The ultimate crowd pleaser, it will be enjoyed by nearly any audience in any situation, and rightly so. €39

The Wire


The standard by which every box-set is set against, the criminal gangs in Baltimore are the focus, with Detective Jimmy McNulty leading the chase to put Stringer, Omar and company behind bars. A show that has had far more success on box-set than it ever did on television and is one of the all-time classics. €39

Band of Brothers


While there were only 10 episodes in total, what a series it was. The World War II mini-series was originally aired in 2001 and pulled in 10 million viewers and would win 19 Emmy Awards. €50


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