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07th Nov 2013

Video: A ridiculously brilliant scissors kick was scored against Fiorentina tonight

As a certain commentator used to say, you don't save those


As a certain commentator used to say, you don’t save those

The Europa League is a football hipster’s paradise, mainly because obscure teams from countries that you didn’t know existed or actually no longer exist face off against one another in the pursuit of one of football’s most available trophies.

Tonight, CS Pandurii Târgu Jiu of Romania took on Fiorentina for that very piece of silverware, and Brazilian striker Eric de Oliveira Pereira smashed this frankly fantastic bicycle kick in to the top corner, leaving the keeper with no chance. He did do the heart celebration when he scored though, so Gareth Bale’s lawyers will be on the phone soon enough.

The Italian side came back however, scoring in the last five minutes with Juan Cuadrado setting up both goals, rolling one across for Ryder Matos to tap in to the net, and giving Borja Valero the chance to score a great volley and win the game. Maybe these hipsters are on to something when they watch these obscure games instead of 0-0 draws in the Champions League…