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Video: Charlie Adam charged with violent conduct for this stamp on Olivier Giroud
Looks like Charlie's going to have some time off in the next few weeks...

Looks like Charlie's going to have some time off in the next few weeks...

As well as thinking that the penalty awarded against Laurent Koscielny was a bit harsh during the 1-0 defeat to Stoke on Saturday, Arsenal fans were aggrieved that no action was taken against Charlie Adam for a nasty-looking stamp on Olivier Giroud during the clash at the Britannia Stadium.

Not spotted by the officials at the time, the incident has since been reviewed by a three-man panel of former elite referees, with all three of the unanimous decision that it was an act of violent conduct and deserving of a red card.

Adam has until 6pm tomorrow to respond to the charge but it is likely he will face a three-match ban as a result and on the admittedly shaky evidence in the video above, he should probably accept his fate.


Video via YouTube/Josh Edwards

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