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06th Jun 2014

Video: Sergio Ramos hilariously takes the piss out of David de Gea in training

The Manchester United goalkeeper was left pretty sheepish after this...

Joe Harrington

The Manchester United goalkeeper was left pretty sheepish after this…

The art of penalty-taking is something not every professional player possesses; have a look through England’s major tournament downfalls for confirmation of that.

The chances of needing a shootout win at the World Cup or European Championships is quite high, however, so naturally all the teams practice spotters during training in the weeks leading up to the tournament.

Spain have loads of technically-gifted players that could step up to the spot, and always top of the list to take one is Sergio Ramos.

The Real Madrid defender was practicing in training last night and to be fair, he made a bit of a tit out of David de Gea.  Ramos is a confident man so he decided to use the panenka technique and dinked the ball into the middle of the goal.

De Gea clearly wasn’t too impressed, so what did Sergio do next? Yep, another panenka. Brilliant.

Their Spanish teammates clearly enjoyed it with Juan Mata and Pepe Reina getting a particularly good laugh out of the cheeky chips.

Hat-tip to Paddy Power