Video: Star Trek predicts a united Ireland by 2024 9 years ago

Video: Star Trek predicts a united Ireland by 2024

An excerpt from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation says Ireland is reunified in the year 2024.


An almost 23-year-old episode of Star Trek makes a startling claim about the future of this island and a clip of that moment has been doing the rounds on Reddit today.

In an episode called The High Ground from Series Three of the sci-fi show Captain Picard and Data discuss the merits of, and problems with, terrorism. In the process of trying to show how terrorism can work, Data cites a number of examples, including Ireland’s reunification in 2024. Skip to 0.30 into the clip to hear it.

Of course, at the time it was broadcast in the US in early 1990 the Troubles were still in full swing and Northern Irish terrorists were probably the most infamous in the world.

According to the BBC, this episode was never shown on either RTE or BBC while Sky edited the segment out of their broadcast. In fact, it wasn’t until 2007, long after the Good Friday had been signed, that the episode was shown in full on the BBC.