Video: The top 50 Barcelona goals of all time 6 years ago

Video: The top 50 Barcelona goals of all time

This might not be an official list or anything but with so many belters by so many greats of the game, are you really going to complain? We didn’t think so.

Few teams around the world enjoy the reputation and prestige that Barcelona do and if you were to watch the top 50 goals of any club worldwide then Barcelona would figure pretty highly on everyone’s list.

This unofficial collection of Barcelona goals is a little misleading in that the vast majority of goals come from the last few decades – we doubt there was much footage of Barcelona’s games in 1899, for example – but that will soon be forgotten when you cast your eye over quality efforts from the likes of Maradona, Koeman, Laudrup, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and a little Argentinean fella who features quite heavily throughout.


Video via YouTube/Messi TheBoss