Xtravision looks like it's been saved 10 years ago

Xtravision looks like it's been saved

A few weeks ago we brought you the sad news that Xtravision looked like it was on its way out of business, but an investor has stepped in to save the day

Hilco Ltd., the same people who recently snapped up HMV, have announced that they have backed a group of companies who have bought the business, stock and the headquarters, which will save the remaining 103 stores and over 800 jobs.


The lads at Newstalk have confirmed that the retailer looks set to be saved in the last few minutes, with hopefully more detail to follow later today.

Us gamers will have somewhere to go to get our fix soon enough, and seeing as Hilco now own both Xtravision and HMV, we wonder will there be any crossover between the two in the future.

Still, whatever their plans, it's definitely good news on the job front, and it means we've got somewhere to rent videos again.