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Skype take on Vine with their new video-messaging app called Qik

If you're a fan of Vine, you'll love this...

Video: There's a new dating app called Tickr and it's a mix of Tinder and Vine

Sure why would you bother approaching a lovely lady in real life when you can get this on your phone...

Vine: Did you miss Sharknado 2 last night? Don't worry, we have the best bits right here…

"Sharks could be stuck in tornados. There could be a sharknado." - Tara Reid, 2014.

Video: This guy's skill with a baseball bat will blow you away

We'd love to see what he could do with a hurley...

Vine: Clare's Seadna Morey's unconventional pick up last night against Tipp

With no hurley, Morey had to improvise and he did it in style.

Vine: Anyone spot the giant locust on James Rodriguez after he scored his penalty against Brazil

If you hate insects, this will make for uncomfortable viewing...

Vine: Mats Hummel's beautiful deft header that put Germany 1-0 up on France

It hit the underside of the bar before going in which makes it at least 25% better...

Vine: Ghana's John Boye scores a cracking own goal for Portugal

We don't even know what he was trying to do here.

Vine: Xherdan Shaqiri lashes home a stunner for Switzerland

A pure rocket from the Bayern Munich man

Vine: Nigeria's Babatunde breaks his arm against Argentina [Graphic Content]

Certainly the most gruesome scene of the World Cup, the unfortunate Michel Babatunde breaking his arm after a powerful shot hit him.

Vine: Andre Ayew heads an absolute peach to draw Ghana level with Germany

Shades of Mexican header genius Jared Borgetti here...

Vine: It looks like Roy Keane knew what he was talking about all along...

As our biased friend from Cork used to say, "always trust a Corkman."


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