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01st Feb 2024

JOE readers voted this street as the Dublin road with the most speed bumps – so Citroën put it to the test


Brought to you by Citroën

This north Dublin road was the perfect spot for a ‘Test Glide.’

Have you ever wondered which road in Dublin has the most speed bumps? You’re definitely not alone!

To attempt to narrow down the Dublin roads with the most speed bumps, we called upon our Instagram followers. In partnership with Citroën, we ran a poll to gauge their opinions on Dublin’s bumpiest roads, and there was one clear winner. A whopping 35% of voters picked the Ballymun Road as the Dublin road with the most speed bumps.

Equipped with this knowledge Citroën set out to Ballymun for a ‘Test Glide’ of their Progressive Hydraulic Cushion Suspension. This patented suspension technology allows drivers to glide effortlessly over bumps in the road, creating the famous Citroën ‘Flying Carpet’ effect, and the Ballymun Road was the ideal destination to put it to the test.

Ordinary suspension technology relies on a shock absorber, a spring and a mechanical bump stop. Citroën’s patented technology, however, uses hydraulic cushions with special hydraulic stops on each end to allow for rebound and compression. When a Citroën encounters bumps, these hydraulic cushions keep the suspension movement controlled and dissipate the energy progressively. This prevents the sudden jolts drivers get with regular suspension and increases the vehicle’s freedom of movement resulting in a safe ‘Flying Carpet’ effect.

So how did they get on?

Check out the video here to see for yourself, and witness the unique, slightly mad test Citroën devised to demonstrate their ‘Flying Carpet’ effect.

Needless to say, as the car safely glided over the bumps of the Ballymun Road, occupants got to experience this effect firsthand, and enjoyed the comfort and stress-free experience that came with it.

If you’d like to experience this ‘Flying Carpet’ effect for yourself, you can try out Citroën’s Progressive Hydraulic Cushion Suspension technology by booking a ‘Test Glide’ at your local Citroën dealer.

Visit for more information.

Speed bumps are in place to ensure drivers take extra care to slow down. Always make sure you follow the speed limit and all driving laws in your area.