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12th Apr 2019

How the Nokia 7.1 can improve your digital wellbeing with the latest tech


This Advertorial was brought to you by Nokia

It’s important to keep track of how much time you’re spending on your phone.

Be it in work, at home or on your morning commute, much of our time is spent with a phone in our hand. Despite their importance, like everything else it’s important to use technology in moderation.

The latest addition to Nokia’s Android One smartphone line up, the Nokia 7.1, uses the latest innovations from Google to improve your digital health and general wellbeing.

On top of the PureView technology that brings your video viewing experience to the next level, the Nokia 7.1 comes with features such as an App timer called the “Wellbeing Dashboard,” and a “Wind Down” function to help you keep a daily schedule.

Have a look at the photo below to get an idea of what the Wellbeing Dashboard will look like. With a user-friendly interface, it lets you know more about how you intreract with different apps, as well as the overall amount of time you spend on each of them.

The App Timer will help you set a limit for yourself if you want to cut down the amount of time you spend on a particular app. You’ll receive a notification when you’re close to the limit, and the app icon itself will turn grey as a reminder.

As for Wind Down Mode, it’s meant to help improve your sleep pattern. Simply choose a particular time before you want to go to sleep, and your phone’s screen will gradually fade to grey and switch to Do Not Disturb mode.

A Nokia device has always been an embodiment of quality and durability. Everyone who purchases a Nokia 7.1 can trust their phone to deliver where it matters most.

This Advertorial is brought to you by Nokia