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26th Jan 2024

Say goodbye to splitting-the-bill stress with this handy app

Sarah McKenna Barry

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Forget about having exact cash or chasing your mates for their bank details – simply use PayPal to send and request exact amounts within seconds.

With 2024 in full swing, we’re making a new year resolution to spend more time with our mates.

From big group dinners to coffee catch-ups to days out packed full of activities, this year is all about making a concentrated effort to spend time with the people we care about the most.

As excited we are to see our pals, big nights out are not always stress free, especially when it comes time to pay. It’s unlikely that each mate will have the exact cash to cover their meal and it’s also unlikely that your server will have the patience to split a bill 10 different ways, and sure, who could blame them? No, it’s down to your group to figure out how you’ll tackle the politics of paying the bill.

It’s at this point that the bill-paying anxiety reaches new heights, and your table desperately scrambles to find the easiest and smartest ways to pay. Calculators come out, as the bill gets passed around the table in a frantic rush. Some mates decide to make a dash to the nearest ATM, only to find huge queues and frosty weather. Elsewhere at the table, diners dig deep into their wallets hoping to somehow find enough cash to cover their bills. Meanwhile, there’s talk of exchanging IBANs while one person pays, with half-hearted promises to pay them back in the next few days.

Thankfully, with PayPal, these issues are very much a thing of the past. Forget about bringing exact change or chasing your mates for their bank details, simply use PayPal’s Send Money feature and you can send and request an exact amount within seconds*. It’s that easy. This feature isn’t just reserved for dining out either, you can use it when splitting the cost of group holidays, chipping in on presents or even covering household costs with your flatmates, securely. . Whenever you need to split the cost, PayPal makes things easy.

*A PayPal account is required to send and receive money.

To learn more, or to sign up, visit PayPal right here.