The most crucial aspect of working from home is not hard to do at all 1 year ago

The most crucial aspect of working from home is not hard to do at all

Useful advice in the current climate.

With an increase in the number of people working from home thanks to the spread of Covid-19 across the world, some expert advice may come in handy for you or your business.


Director of Support at Shopify John Riordan was on hand on this week's episode of JOE's business show, backed by AIB, All In, to offer his expert advice, detailing what he believes is the one most important aspect of working from home.

Riordan, who permanently works from home in his role at Shopify (a multinational e-commerce company), said that there was one word that was more important than any other when it comes to working from home, and that is "connection".

He said: "It really boils down to connection. Connection does not have to be a work-related connection. Multiple connect points during the day like, 'hey Tracy, how are things going?', it's a simple thing. I'm aware that you exist, you tell me everything's fine and we connect on a continual basis during the day.

"It's just that realisation that we're both there, that's crucially important on a consistent basis. It's not me checking up to see what work has been done or hassling somebody. I'm essentially waving at you. It's almost like passing by somebody's desk in an office and winking at you. It's very, very important in the remote world. Don't forget people."

Watch the full episode of All In below, with lots more tips about working from home during COVID-19.

Riordan himself also has a 'simple' standing desk which he works from, as well as a fatigue mat that he positions himself on.


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