App-reciation: DropBox 9 years ago

App-reciation: DropBox

Every entrepreneur needs to have a way to send files and information from one device to another if they want to stay ahead of the game, and that's where DropBox comes in VERY handy.

Dropbox works by giving you an online folder into which you can put all of your photos, videos and documents. Through some internet magic, it manages to update that folder as it appears in your iPhone, Android, desktop, tablet and laptop.


Various updates now allow you to upload pictures and HD videos taken with your smartphone and thanks to the ability to background the app you can upload your files in bulk and then let Dropbox do its thing in the background giving you time to focus on more important matters.

For anyone that has ever left important documents at home or has lost a USB stick, Dropbox is a life saver and because it is simple, you are far more likely to use it regularly.

It's not just useful for the office either, as travellers now have a way to upload photos and videos on the move, something that should keep those snaps safe and enable you to keep your iPhone memory clear for more important things like Angry Birds and whatnot.

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